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Creativity takes courage....Henri Matisse

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Arabic Calligraphy, lifting from the traditional script to an experimental form to express a visual feeling. The works are in three series or themes called Hu, The Doves and Abjad Soup.

            Hu Series Paintings                

            Abjad Soup Paintings                     

            The Dove Paintings




Phool Patti, considered a blue collar decorative art and originally painted on trucks in South Asia. I work on car parts, canvases, pots and any material I can find meaning in.


            Phool Patti Art 

Lofty Productions is focused on bringing stories that are underrepresented. The first production is a documentary called The Hijabi Project. It is  biographical accounts from women who wear the Islamic headscarf. The documentary premiered on the big screen on November 2021 and is now out on Youtube. It has developed into an ongoing series on the Youtube channel, called The Hijabi Project 101.






Some of my work.....

#167 From Hu Series

#79 From Abjad Soup Series

Love and Peace #39 From The Doves Series

Samia Nazir

Artist/Content Creator

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